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Our job at B&B Legal Services is to assist our clients in finding positive legal solutions for their unique circumstances. 

Our clients are often in difficult positions and often they do not know how to protect themselves or their loved ones. At B & B Legal we help you navigate these difficult times. 
 · If you are going through a divorce, you may be uncertain of the future and how to protect your finances and your family.

·  If you are facing a criminal charge such as drug possession or operating a vehicle under the influence, you could potentially face jail time or lose your freedom and your right to drive.

· If you are seeking to protect yourself and your family's future should you or a loved one need to enter a nursing home.

· If you are facing deportation or seeking to apply for a change of immigration status for you or a loved one.

 ·  If you are a trustee or an estate fiduciary, you have certain obligations and duties you must attend to, of which you may be unaware, to fulfill your trustee duties as an estate fiduciary.

Experienced, Determined and Knowledgeable Guidance When faced with these types of problems, we provide our clients skilled legal guidance to help them navigate the right path. Our team of lawyers has the experience, determination and knowledge of the law to represent your interests in a divorce or family law matter, probate or estate administration concern, estate planning matter or criminal defense case.

Our formula for success is simple - provide clients with straightforward, compassionate and competent representation and the firm will excel on its own merits. The measure of success can be seen in the referrals we receive from former clients who were pleased with our representation. We recognize that divorce, family law and probate matters present emotional and financial obstacles for each family. Our compassionate and dedicated attorneys are prepared to address these issues. Whether your legal issue requires vigorous negotiation, mediation, or assertive representation at trial, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and courtroom experience to protect you and your interests.

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